Natural Cheddar Cheese Seafood Recipe Seafood Pizza .
white Britannia Milkman Natural Cheddar cheese grated cup 1
Brtiannia Cheezza, grated cup 1
diced green pepper cup 1/4
canned sliced black olives grams 150
crushed pineapple cup 1/2
tiny shrimp cup 3/4
crab meat cup 3/4
pizza dough inch 12
1 Begin by spreading pizza dough on to a greased pizza pan or pizza stone.
2 Then brush dough with oil.
3 Next top with crab, shrimp, pineapple, mushrooms, olives, green pepper, Brtiannia Cheezza and Britannia Milkman Natural Cheddar cheese.
4 Bake at 450 degrees . until cheese is bubbly.
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