Britannia Cheese

There is a glass of
Cow's milk in every slice of
Britannia cheese.
Enjoy cheese recipes inspired by our
ranges of cheese


Cheese is loved by one and all! Britannia; a cheese company in India, has the largest range of cheese to offer. It offers all kinds of cheese for different food, occasions and moods. Special attention is given to the production of Britannia cheese products for the best consistency, texture and flavor. The Britannia range of cheese cube is the most convenient and yummy option for snacking anytime, anywhere!

The moon shaped Cheddar Cheese is so rich in taste and texture that it makes any dish/snack irresistible with subtle flavours. If a quick snack is what you are looking for, Britannia Cheese Spread is just ideal to put on bread and you are good to go!

If experimenting with cheese in food is your plan, pick our Britannia Block Cheese. Cut it, melt it, crush it, grate it or just put a big chunk of it, this orgeous cheese cake won't disappoint.

With such a diverse and delicious variety of cheese offered by Britannia in easy to use packaging, one doesn’t need to look any further. Now there is no need to fret when preparing your kid's tiffin, making snacks for guests, having quick food or preparing a full-fledged cuisine for family! Full range with assorted cheese types by Britannia is here to save your day!


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